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If energy efficiency is top of your agenda...then look no further!

Use your garage all year round. 

Keeping you garage cool can be an expensive overhead if not done correctly! Dependent on you garage size and and existing insulation, our base install costs start as low as $1,999.00. 

Add-in solar to the AC, and when the sun shines you 100% cool for it attracts a 30% federal tax credit!

Let the sun do the cooling!

Cool your bedroom, without cooling the whole house.

Did you know? The sweet spot temperature for the best nights sleep is between 65 & 72 degrees. 

What's more, if yours is the only bedroom commonly used in the home, you can then increase the whole home temperature at nighttime and the electricity cost savings will effectively pay for the install cost of the  bedroom AC, and some, over its lifespan.  

Zero run-cost cooling. 

big battery.png

Why not run your additional cooling and heating system completely independent from the utility grid?

Here are just few of the benefits:

- The majority of the system cost attracts a 30% federal tax rebate.

- The AC system will fully pay for itself over its projected lifespan. 

- Moreover, you will have a space in your home that is always cool in the event of the grid electricity going down. Like during hurricane season, utility supply lightening strikes or heavy storms causing short to long term outage. 

Let the sun run your existing AC.  

Yes, we can have your existing AC powered 100% by the sun, moving seamlessly back to grid electricity when the sun is not available. Reducing your annual cooling/heating power costs by as high as 50%.  

Sun on solar panel.png

The total costs of installing solar onto your existing air conditioner attracts a federal tax

rebate of 30%. This efficiency incentive is

available until at least the end of 2023.

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