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Your air conditioner is likely the single biggest appliance purchase for your home, and it's certainly the highest energy consumer over its lifespan. - Make sure you make the right decision. 


Lowering your monthly energy costs is our passion. See our 3-part guarantee below. 

We Guarentee...

…on new AC installs, we will reduce your annual cooling costs by a minimum of 25%, or even as high as 50%! What's more, to illustrate how confident we are in that promise, if we fail to hit the 25%, we will refund double the difference for the whole of the first full year.* 

We Guarentee...

...that thanks to our partnered technology innovations, all our installs are more energy efficient than any of our competition's like-for-like proposals.

We Guarentee...

TO BEAT ANY LIKE FOR LIKE PRICE...if you just need a lower cost, minimum efficiency system, then of course we can help. We will, however, still make it more efficient than our competitors can. We're sure you wont mind!

Now, the above said, the reason you are likely on this page is that you

are tired of paying high energy bills.  Remember, although a higher efficiency system will be a little pricier, typically, if you are financing the system, it's highly likely a higher efficiency AC will save you more on your electric bill every month, than the difference in monthly payment will run you.

Brand Loyalty?

Although there are brands that we certainly favor, our loyalty to a customer's proposed system is strictly driven by its efficiency & reliability vs. price.

The right equipment - the best brand - to do your job right.

*Reasonable restrictions apply. Ask your representative for details.

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